A Timber Tech Window is not an article off the shelf but a high quality custom made object that will suit you individual project and needs. Individuality is not just exceptional but our daily business.

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The advantages of acrylcolor

Easy care acrylcolor windows are almost maintenance-free and extremely easy to care for. Peeling, chipping and annoying repainting are no longer necessary. acrylcolor windows are dirt-repellent and can be cleaned with simple cleaning agents.

Scratch resistant

The acrylic glass surface is not only highly scratch-resistant, but is also insensitive to the build-up of dust and dirt.


The coextrusion coloring process stands for unsurpassed color fastness. Even with successive replacement of window units in one and the same building, differences are hardly noticeable even after years.


In millions of car taillights, acrylic glass has proven its resistance to aggressive weather conditions over the years. The same material is also used for the surface of acrylcolor profiles. Windows made of acrylcolor profiles are therefore robust, even in extreme climatic conditions.

Environmentally friendly

Acrylcolor windows are completely recyclable. Old windows are regranulated and processed into high-quality plastic that can be used again for new windows. A closed material cycle is thus guaranteed.



• 3-layer glued wood, optionally meranti, larch, pine, eucalyptus or oak

• 2 circumferential sealing levels

• 2 mushroom head locks in the standard version ensure a break-in-resistant lock. The particular advantage of our fitting: At all security levels, thanks to the rolling bearing of the locking pin, it remains easy to use.

• Rebated glazing bead

• Triple glazing up to a Ug value of 0.5, soundproof glasses and sun protection glasses can be used